D&D 5E System Reference Document


We are starting on the effort to convert all the Dungeons & Dragons System Reference Document content (SRD) to MasterScreen format. The SRD content is distributed under the Open Game License, so it is free to use in your games and D&D content you create, as long as you follow the license terms. The SRD includes monsters, spells, classes, races, equipment, treasures, and more!

Converting and creating all the content will take some time, so we will update this market item as we go, adding more and more stuff until we're done. All updates and content additions will be listed below.

  • 9/9/2022 Created the initial market item
  • 12/9/2022 Added 95 creatures
  • 15/9/2022 Added 319 spells
  • 22/9/2022 Added 201 monsters

D&D 5E System Reference Document
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